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The Three Phases of New Home Inspection

Building your dream home is an exciting process. To ensure that your new home meets your expectations and standards of safety and quality, it’s crucial to include thorough inspections at key phases of the construction process. While builders typically offer inspections through affiliated members, opting for a third-party home inspection service ensures objectivity and protection of your interests.

Our home inspectors can work with you to inspect your new construction home at three key phases.

Pre-Slab or Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

Understanding the Pre-Slab Inspection

Before the concrete slab is poured, a pre-slab inspection evaluates the builder’s preparations. This visual examination, usually conducted a day before pouring, ensures critical elements such as form boards, footers, reinforcing steel, and plumbing meet required standards.

Key Inspection Points Include:

  • Form boards and bracing
  • Footer integrity and cleanliness
  • Placement of reinforcing steel or cables
  • Plumbing completeness and functionality
  • Polyvinyl membrane condition

The slab will be reviewed again at the frame inspection and final home inspection

Frame Inspection

Understanding the Frame Inspection

The frame inspection offers a unique opportunity to examine the internal structure of your home before drywall installation. By assessing wood framing, safety features, and exterior components, potential deficiencies can be identified and addressed early, preventing future complications.

Key Inspection Points Include:

  • Wood framing quality and placement
  • Safety feature installation (proper wiring or smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, tempered safety glass, fireblocking)
  • Lot and exterior evaluations (moisture barriers, window wraps, flashing installment)
  • Confirmation of moisture barriers and drainage

We strongly encourage all new home buyers to have a frame inspection. This will be the only time you are able to see and have the inner workings of the home inspected thoroughly.

When do I schedule a frame inspection?

After you receive the schedule from your builder, note the date that the sheetrock/drywall will be delivered and arrange your inspection 1-3 days prior to the delivery date.

Final Home Inspection

Understanding the Final New Construction Inspection

The final inspection, conducted comprehensively inside and out, ensures your new home aligns with current building standards. Covering every aspect from interior to exterior, HVAC, roof, and more, this inspection provides a detailed overview of the property’s condition.

Key Inspection Points Include:

  • Thorough evaluation of all home systems (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Detailed assessment of interior and exterior components
  • In-depth examination of attic and roof

Benefits of New Home Inspections 

Despite being a new build, potential issues can arise during construction. Home inspections offer invaluable protection by identifying any overlooked issues or errors. Scheduling inspections at strategic points in the construction timeline allows for timely corrections, ensuring your home is built to the highest standards.

When do I schedule a final home inspection? 

Coordinating inspections with your builder’s timeline is crucial. Preparing for your final home inspection 5-10 days before the final walk-through provides ample time for any necessary repairs or adjustments. Flexible scheduling options are available to accommodate your needs and deadlines.

Scheduling Your Phase Inspections

Our team is here to guide your through the three phases of new home inspections.

We offer online scheduling or phone booking for your convenience, with multiple time slots available each day, including Saturdays.

Contact us today to schedule your pre-purchase home inspection. We’re here to support you every step of the way!