New Braunfels Home Inspection Services

If you plan on buying or selling a home in New Braunfels, TX, a home inspection is an important step in the process. It not only protects you financially, but also helps to maintain the safety of the home. In addition, it is usually required during the mortgage underwriting process and for home warranties. Don’t let hidden issues cause bigger financial problems later. Careful Home Inspections has the experience and knowledge to find potential problems before they become real issues. Our licensed, bonded, and insured inspectors provide you a comprehensive report and verbally discuss the results during the inspection. We cover the home inside and out, corner to corner.

Get a quality, professional home inspection for:

  • New and used residential, single-family homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Garden homes
  • Rural homes and estates
  • High rises
  • Lofts
  • Duplex homes
  • 4-plex homes
New Braunfels New Construction

Our Easy-To-Understand Home Inspection Process

Our licensed property inspectors have years of experience with home inspections and most have construction or remodeling backgrounds. We’ll find potential issues for you before they actually become problems. We’ll go over the outside and inside of your New Braunfels home with great detail and verbally discuss our findings with you during the inspection, both good and bad. Upon completion of the home inspection visit, we’ll email you a comprehensive report within 24 hours.

Careful Home Inspections will thoroughly inspect a wide range of components and products on the interior and exterior of your home. We also have additional services available.

Interior Home Inspection Services

On the inside of your home, we’ll inspect every room from top to bottom. Interior property inspection services include:

  •       Walls for durability, weakness, rotting, mold, etc.
  •       Stairs for stability, rotting, warping, cracking, and more
  •       Ceilings for warping, rotting, mold, water damage, etc.
  •       Built-in appliances for functionality, safety, reliability, and secureness
  •       Floors for warping, rotting, mold, looseness, bowing, finish, and more
  •       Fireplaces for code compliance, safety, and reliability
  •       Furnaces for functionality, safety, efficiency, and more
  •       Ducts for cleanliness, functionality, efficiency, and more
  •       Attics for safe electrical junctions, proper insulation, ventilation, truss stability, beam durability, and more
  •       And many other products or components
New Braunfels Home Inspection

New Braunfels Roof Inspection

Many home products and materials may look good on the outside, but mask potential problems on the inside. We’ll uncover potential issues and provide recommendations to get you back on track, whether you are buying or selling.

Exterior Home Inspection Services in New Braunfels

On the outside of your home, Careful Home Inspections covers a wide range of components and products, with additional services also available.

The exterior house inspection includes:

  •       Roofs for warping, leaks, degradation, missing shingles, cracked plastic, attic ventilation, drip edge functionality, and more
  •       Windows for functionality, efficiency, safety, and security
  •       Sashes for rotting, warping, mold, etc.
  •       Doors for functionality, durability, proper installation, security, etc.
  •       Patios and porches for strength, stability, proper installation, code compliance, and lots more
  •       Decks for rotting, warping, looseness, mold, finish protection, and more
  •       Siding for cracks, chips, warping, rotting, mold, looseness, proper installation, etc.
  •       Downspouts for functionality and proper installation
  •       Skylights for leaks, poor sealing, stability, etc.
  •       Gutter systems for proper water drainage, proper installation, code compliance, and more
  •       Chimneys for stability, strength, secureness, and code compliance
  •       And many other exterior products

Optional Home Inspection Services

Aside from inspecting the interior and exterior areas of the home, we offer additional services that include:

  •       Detached garage and workshop inspections
  •       Water/ irrigation sprinkler systems
  •       Septic systems
  •       Well pumps and filtration units
  •       Swimming pools
  •       Outdoor kitchens
  •       Wood-destroying insect inspections
  •       And more

New Braunfels Home Inspection Reviews

“Keith inspected the house we plan to purchase, and he did a fantastic job. He carefully examined the entire house inside and out, and explained all of our questions my husband and I had. We learned a lot from him. We are very satisfied with the service and highly recommend.”

New Braunfels, TX Customer

Thorough Home Inspection Coverage with Experienced Professionals

Don’t settle for less. Contact Careful Home Inspections and get detailed home inspection results on your New Braunfels, TX home with money-saving suggestions, great safety advice, a comprehensive report, experienced inspectors with related background knowledge, and friendly service.